Makeup Application Techniques
Airbrush Makeup
Makeup application technique that pushes compressed air through a sprayer (called an airbrush)
mixed along with drops of makeup (blush, foundation, eye shadow) that flows out in a fine mist. It
is soothing and since it is brushless it offers unparalleled sanitation when compared to traditional
makeup. Airbrush makeup is lightweight and brides say it feels like they have nothing on at all. I
use an airbrush makeup that gives a soft-focused effect that radiates a youthful, healthy glow on
any skin type.
It is waterproof and lasts for 12+ hours!

It offers exceptional coverage for eczema, scars, uneven skin tones, and even "removes" tattoos.
Suitable for all ages and all skin types, airbrush makeup is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and
allergy tested. It is the only makeup utilized for today's "high definition" television world. So if
you are going to have a videographer this is the only way to go.

Traditional Studio Makeup
The makeup I use for foundation is professional quality and the color is mixed specifically to
match your exact skin tone. It contains no fragrance, mineral oil or lanolin. This foundation has
great staying power on its own which makes it the premiere choice for bridal, film, TV, or print
applications. The powder I use for makeup applications is traceless as it micronized into such
small particles it is invisible in today's high definition photos which makes any other powder have
a highly visible rough texture on the skin. I use a variety of high-pigmented eye shadow and blush
colors which go on evenly. My lip colors are custom created using a chemical-free formulation that
won't dry out lips and has great staying power.

Mineral Makeup
I do not use mineral makeup for any event applications simply because it creates too much of a
pearly finish because of its naturally reflective properties. A photo taken while wearing this type
of makeup makes the wearer appear to have a shining and distinctly lighter face color than any
other body part. It is great for everyday wear just not for events where camera will be present.

What is waterproofing?
A spray mist that is applied over the completed makeup application for a high smudge, tear,
heavy perspiration and water resistance. It holds traditional makeup on for 10 hours and ensures
the longevity of airbrush makeup for well over 12 hours! It is hypoallergenic and typically used
by professionals in theatrical productions where actors are under hot lights continuously making
it perfect for special events like weddings where cake may end up smashed in the brides face. I
use it at each and every makeup application and I swear by it.
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