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Pittsburgh, PA
Spa Services
Typically done in a series of three. They help diminish blemishes and even out skin tone and are
done on a professional facial bed by a licensed esthetician.
Single $70
Three $180
During trial consultation or facial appointment, using high-quality professional soft or hard wax,
a numbing agent, and a natural product that lessens swelling, redness, and prevents future
ingrown hairs.
Brow $15
Lip or Chin $8
Please Note:
- Additional travel costs may apply to persons requesting services outside the general Pittsburgh area.
- A Non-refundable check deposit is required for all services. This deposit guarantees your appointment date. Full payment of services is required by the
day of the service.
- All services are done at the location of your choosing. All necessary tools and equipment to perform each service will be brought by the esthetician.
- Prices do not include gratuity.